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THE SLAVE by Andrew Sanger

We have been thrown out of our temple and were slaves unto Pharaoh in Egypt, but where does the modern observant Jew stand when faced with contemporary slavery, sex-trafficking and other realities of life in our "safe" suburbs? Andrew Sanger's latest novel is another fast moving and forensic saga set against the backdrop of familiar streets and landmarks.  Hailed by readers as one of the great modern tales of London, and praised for its gripping storytelling as it unites the personal stories of a near-drop-out van driver, a jazz-loving orthodox jewish community leader, an Israeli doctor and an Eastern European slave taken from her homeland and forced into prostitution and imprisonment. The highly acclaimed second "north London" novel from a talented author, this is a gripping page turner.

WHEN WE WERE BAD by Charlotte Mendelson

Little Women in modern north London, or Chick Lit meets Schtick Lit. Mendelson's latest wry saga is ideal holiday reading - a nice Jewish wedding that turns into the elopement from hell, and the consequent falling apart of a family over 4 well opaced months. Unashamedly populist, the books hasgarnered as much praise for the author's style as for the page turning plotting.

THE J - WORD by Andrew Sanger

A fast-moving and thought-provoking contemporary novel from Andrew Sanger places a resolutely secular Jew way outside his comfort zone, and forces three generations of a modern Golders Green family to confront their identities. Jack has spent a lifetime denying his cultural heritage, his son has followed suit, and grandson Danny knows nothing of  Jewish life. Encounters with antisemitic thugs, an Israeli tradesman, a Hassidic rabbi and a quietly spoken orthodox intellectual, turn a week's babysitting duty into a life changing, and ultimately life affirming, confluence of three very different lives.

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 CHILDREN'S BOOKS        our winter choice includes ...


The classic story of Anna, whose family is forced to flee both home and country in the shadow of the Nazi Holocaust. The first in the genre of children's fiction to show the events of the period through the eyes of an innocent child, this is still one of the most powerful introductions to the subject ever written for young readers. The novel grew into a trilogy as we followed Anna's life through her own constant reinvention and growing understanding of the world around her.

by John Boyne

A modern classic. The latest retelling of the horrors off Hitler's Germany through the eyes of a child has a twist. The narrator is the young son of a Nazi,. Blissfullyt unaware of the evil around him, our hero strikes up a friendship with a Jewish boy of the same age. Immensely powerful, this novella makes for an unforgettable afternoon's read for an adult, as much as a challenging story for young readers. Now a major film, the tale works even better on the printed page. Essential reading.


Lois Lowry's award winning children's tale shines a light on a lesser known and life-affirming aspect of the War. Our heroine helps her family hide jews during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, and sets Jewish families on the road to freedom.

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