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Passover verses by Laurence Phillips

A ha'penny haggadah at a sixpenny seder; this entertaining collection of seasonal verse includes affectionate tributes to Edward Lear and AA Milne and poignant reflections on a family festival. A perfect seder night gift and a book to treasure, an adult's wry appreciation of cherished childhood, from this popular poet, author and broadcaster.

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ISBN 978-0-9558247-0-8


"I love this adorable little cookery book - especially the heimishe family photos from years gone by! " - Amazon

Once upon a Friday Night ... Four generations of kosher kitchen know-how in one volume, finally available in a paperback edition, perfect for packing up when your kids leave home, this new version is sure to win even more followers, who prefer every recipe to come with a truly haimishe provenance. As you eat your way through each mouthwatering dish, you get to know the characters behind the recipes: the author, her mother Hetty and her second mother Eva. Meet the grandmothers Booba and Bibby, and the next generation of family cooks.

The recipes refined for a student budget or modern health conscious tastes, all with the flavour of family and the mouthwatering taste of home.

NEW JEWISH COOKING by Jason Prangnell

So you've got Evelyn Rose and your Flo Greenberg is next to the matzo meal in the kitchen cupboard.Who needs a new Jewish cookbook. well, this is the Bevis Marks take on kosher cuisine and there's not a cheesecake from one end of the book to the other. Strictly meat and non-dairy, a whole new take on Jwish main courses. Go to our bookstore page to check out essential new titles for a nice Jewish kitchen.

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SEVEN SHIPS TO DARIEN by Ronald Phillips

The 1950s and the world was changing. A former Empire and an unlikely sailor come of age in this endearing and entertaining memoir that stretches from the Jewish East End to unforgettable encounters on the seven seas. Borscht in a Jewish student soup kitchen down under; Peasch in Panama, the rabbi and the cane, and the musical memories of the Yiddishe Flying Corps. The rites of passage story its a snapshot of an era and the second half of this very readable autobiography is a history and geography lesson. The first chapters of the book will find echoes in many families as it tells the story of the assimilation and reinvention of the families who arrived in Brick Lane and worked their ways ever northwards.

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