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A good book from a loved one is as haimishe an experience as it gets. Like the best chicken soup, a the gift of book is an expression of love. Now you can browse for books for all the family without leaving the house. Where else could you go shopping whilst sipping borscht, munching on a latke and listening to the soundtrack of Fiddler on the Roof at the same time - where else but in your own home.
So go on:  eat, drink, listen ... and buy a book already!

The Jewish Bookshop Dot Com has arrived. The perfect place to find a good read at a good price. An entertaining yarn for the beach, a cracking whodunnit by the fire, a romantic spot of self indulgence on the train or plane, a little giggle for yomtov or something to keep the kids amused in the holidays.

At The Jewish Bookshop Dot Com, not only do we choose the best of the current and classic crop of inexpensive fiction, poetry and lifestyle books, but we link you directly to the online store offering the best prices for the books you love, or straight to the publisher for instant delivery. So with each book on our site you get either a discount off the cover price, free postage or sometimes even both!

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CRUMBS FROM MY SEDER PLATE  by Laurence Phillips

"A wonderful Book" - Jewish Chronicle

"Witty & loving" - Jewish News

It may be a few months before Pesach, but this little book has the feelgood factor to enjoy - even at Chanukah! An enchanting, touching and sometimes laugh-out-loud collection of verses for every Seder Night is a celebration of Jewish family life, whatever the season. From the delicious homage to childrens books past (Christopher Robin's Mah Nishtannah, Edward Lear's Four Sons) to truly moving tales of the oldest Haggadah and family love. A Seasonal joy.

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THE SLAVE by Andrew Sanger

We were slaves unto Pharaoh in Egypt, and forced out of our Temple, but where does the modern observant Jew stand when faced with contemporary slavery, sex-trafficking and other realities of life in our "safe" suburbs? Andrew Sanger's latest novel is another fast moving and forensic tale set against the backdrop of familiar streets and landmarks.

THE J-WORD by Andrew Sanger
This story of a secular Jew in North London, confronted with his heritage and his future, as he comes  to terms with his past. A real page turner.
"Beautiful, thoughtful portrait of the anxieties and paradoxes of modern Jewish life" - Linda Grant

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Once upon a Friday Night ... Four generations of kosher kitchen know-how in one volume, finally available in a paperback edition, perfect for packing up when your kids leave home, this new version is sure to win even more followers, who prefer every recipe to come with a truly haimishe provenance. As you eat your way through each mouthwatering dish, you get to know the characters behind the recipes: the author, her mother Hetty and her second mother Eva. Meet the grandmothers Booba and Bibby, and the next generation of family cooks.

The recipes refined for a student budget or modern health conscious tastes, all with the flavour of family and the mouthwatering taste of home.

We've got dozens of gripping reads, great gifts and  some  simply mouthwatering cookbooks   -   all at bargain prices. Many with free postage in the UK.
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